Elikia is a platform where small business owners can optimize their eCommerce effort with no upfront costs or monthly fees.

Small business owners use Elikia to match their small business to the perfect customer, with no need to manage the marketing strategies and online presence, all those done for free with Elikia.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Elikia was incorporated in 2019 with one mission – To help small business owners to drive more revenue through digital marketing.


Before starting Elikia, we spent months talking with small business owners about how technology could help them grow their businesses. All of them was looking to an easy way to have theirs products directly in front of their potential customer online; without the need of spending a lot of money, without the need of being a tech savvy, without the need of spending a lot time to manage and learn about how a new tool works. Elikia is offering a service with no upfront cost and only receiving commissions on the price paid by the consumer. Elikia uses its own algorithms tools and digital marketing strategy to deliver social media ads campaign and email marketing campaigns in order to target potential buyers.

How does Elikia work and how to join our free platform?

1) After you have create an account here https://elikia.io/register, and being accepted by the admin, we will use your store name to generate an all-in-one platform offering a virtual storefront: https://elikia.io/Store/StoreName

2) A member of our team will reach you personally and onboarding you to explain you how to add your product on your virtual storefront.

3) You can get back to doing what you love.

4) Elikia will be working to advertise your virtual storefront https://elikia.io/Store/StoreName

5) When we make a sale, the customer will purchase on your https://elikia.io/Store/StoreName

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80% of sales amount goes to you. 20% goes to Elikia.

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