NuShell Cellular Rejuvenating Facial Mask


NuShell Cellular Rejuvenating Facial Mask


Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin and achieve a fresher more healthy look.  Reduce fine lines and wrinkles in your face and neck.  The modern, high-quality, FDA Approved, Pulsed Electromagnetic Force (PEMF) therapeutic facial mask can restore the energy in the cells of your skin giving you a healthier more vibrant face.

The technology increases micro-circulation to your skin in your face to enhance collagen production and improve the tensile strength of the skin.  Additionally, PEMF technology has been found to reduce inflammation and improve blood and tissue oxygenation and the absorption of vital nutrients for your skin. It’s effective at re-balancing the energy level of cells, cellular detoxification, and support the ability to regenerate cells.    

For both professional and home use.  

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Recommended for

The PEMF therapeutic facial mask is recommended for use by adults 18 years of age and older seeking to promote healthy skin on their face and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Give your face a natural glow by increasing the collagen and micro-circulation in your face.      


PEMF technology provides an electromagnetic massage to the face.  The pulsing magnetic field promotes the body’s own regeneration processes and helps to treat and improve the following health-related issues: 

  • Increase micro-circulation in the face
  • Increase collagen production in the face
  • Decrease levels of Cyclic AMP (cAMP) to reduce inflammation and balance the skin’s immunity response
  • Aid in blood and tissue oxygenation
  • Reduce Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase absorption of skin-care products
  • Increase the tensile strength of the skin
  • Increase the production of RNA
  • Increase DNA health to minimize cellular dysfunction
  • Increase energy and vitality

We are only as healthy as our cells. Routine PEMF treatments have been found to restore the balance of our cells which is necessary to slow aging and reduce the risk of cell dysfunction.  The health benefits of using PEMF technology is supported by over 40-years of clinical research. Millions of people worldwide have benefited from PEMF technology and now you can now discover the benefit of this remarkable technology for yourself.  


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